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Comfort for all of New Zealand

Are you looking for a convenient, energy efficient system that provides comfortable, controllable heating in winter, summer cooling and air purification year round? Are you worried about the continuing price rise of electricity, the uncertainty of long-term gas supply or clean air regulations curbing the use of combustible heating sources? 

The answer lies in reverse cycle air conditioning by Mitsubishi Electric.

Relax in comfort from burning summer days or freezing cold nights with up to four times the energy efficiency of conventional heating appliances. Mitsubishi Electric cuts your heating costs and your budget.

Our extensive feature-rich range ensures there is a model to meet your needs, whilst our contemporary styling will compliment any interior. All this with the whisper quietness you have come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric.

Everyone deserves a home where they feel just how they want to feel all year round and we are able to make that possible.

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How does it work?

It's actually quite simple. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners work in much the same way as your refrigerator except there are two separate, but integral, parts to the system. There is an outside unit housing the compressor that is similar to the exterior back of your fridge. It draws warmth from the outside air in even the coldest of weather. That warmth is then transferred inside the home using a refrigerant process through a piping system powered by an indoor fan unit that is typically mounted to the wall. This is why the system is also often referred to as a heat pump rather then air conditioning. Both are in fact the same. Similarly, in summer, the reverse happens. Warm air is drawn from the interior room and expelled by the outside unit.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are capable of transferring up to 4kW of heat into a space while only consuming 1kW of electrical energy. The energy efficiency of a heat pump will decreases as the temperature difference between inside and outside becomes greater. Mitsubishi Electric is one of only few manufacturers that guarantees heating performance at very low temperatures, even at low temperatures a heat pump can provide 3 times as much heat as a normal electric space heater would provide with the same amount of electricity input. This makes Heat pumps extremely energy efficient.

"Not all Heat Pumps are designed to continue working where temperatures fall below freezing point"

What features do you need to look for?

Energy Efficiency:

In a recent Consumer Magazine feature, air conditioning was noted as being among the most efficient heating option on the market. Energy efficiency is measured in COP (co-efficient of performance), which compares the heat energy output by the air conditioner with the electrical energy used.
You can rest assured that these inverter systems will provide you the highest level of energy efficiency without compromising on performance or quality.
The Quiet Truth:

How do you know that the heat pump you are considering is, in fact, truly quiet? What is meant by quiet and how are heat pumps actually rated? 

All Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are rated at low fan speed with the compressor functioning at its maximum output. This is important, as room temperatures need to be maintained even when heat pumps are operating in their quiet modes.

So what is the Quiet Truth?
This is a term used by Mitsubishi Electric to ensure that consumers are aware that not all Heat pumps have their sound levels measured in the same way. 

Fact: In order to compete with Mitsubishi Electric's low DB ratings, some manufacturers are forced to reduce their compressor outputs in certain "quiet modes." This means that they reduce the capacity of the compressor and then measure the DB output, thus stating low levels of sound without providing the comfort levels required under normal operation.

When you purchase a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump you ensure that you have purchased one of the quietest heat pumps available without compromising home comfort.

Indoor and outdoor fan noise should be minimal so as not to disturb occupants, especially in a bedroom or living room. The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FB25VA indoor units have the lowest sound level in the industry at an amazingly low 20 dB. Outdoor unit noise levels must also be considered so as not to disturb neighbours in high-density population areas such as apartment buildings and residential areas. The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter range features a speed controlled outdoor unit fan that modulates its speed to match the system load. This speed control combined with advanced fan blade design significantly reduces the outdoor unit noise levels when it matters most at night.
Inverter Technology for even more Energy Savings:

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter technology offers even more energy savings by matching compressor speed output to your indoor heating or cooling load conditions. Energy savings of up to 30% are possible over fixed speed. Mitsubishi Electric Inverter models also have the capability to run above rated capacity for quicker achievement of design controlled environment conditions under adverse outdoor conditions.
Guaranteed Heating Performance to -15℃:

Many air conditioners do not perform when they are needed on the coldest mornings and the hottest days. The Mitsubishi Electric range has a guaranteed heating performance down to -15℃ to ensure adequate heating on even the coldest nights or mornings when you really need it.

* Fixed Speed models: Guaranteed to -10℃
Humidity Regulation:

Dampness and mould are the prime destroyers of furniture, drapes and chattels as well as causing unpleasant odours. The Mitsubishi Electric range has a DRY cycle function only in the cooling mode, where the indoor coil acts like a mirror in a bathroom collecting moisture and removing it via the attached condensation drain.
Air Purification:

Sufferers from asthma, hay fever and other allergies will benefit greatly from our Deluxe Inverter Plasma Duo High Wall models which feature state-of-the-art filtration. The washable Plasma Electrode Filter effectively breaks down dust, smoke and pollen, whilst the washable Ceramic Filter is engineered to decompose unpleasant odours and deodorise the air.
7 Day Timer:

Wake up or come home to optimal temperatures whilst conserving energy. The optional 7 Day Timer from Mitsubishi Electric allows you to program your air conditioning system with up to 8 separate Start/Stop patterns per day over a 7 day period. For example, during the week you can program your system to turn on half an hour before you wake up at 6.30am, turn off when you leave for work at 8.00am, turn back on half an hour before you get back home at 5.30pm, and turn off when you go to bed at 11.00pm. For weekends you can program your system to first turn on at 9.00am instead.
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Energy Saving

Less Consumption, More Efficiency, and Extra Comfort - The Ideal Solution.

Inverter Technology:

Inverter systems save energy by using a variable controlled Compressor. The output is controlled to only provide the energy required to keep the room to the set temperature. By reducing the output required less power is used and this substantially reduces power consumption. Inverter control not only saves you money but also keeps you more comfortable.
Concentrated Winding DC Motor Compressor (Linked Core Type):

The newly developed concentrated winding DC motor (linked core type) is friendly to the environment as it uses less copper wiring than a conventional motor winding. This motor features a new high-density, concentrated winding method that raises motor efficiency to 96%.
Advanced Defrost Strategy to Guarantee Heating Performance at -15℃Outdoor Temperatures*:

Most Air Conditioning Systems say they will operate to -10 or -15℃ outdoor temperatures. Mitsubishi Electric have developed an advanced defrost strategy to enable the operation in extreme conditions with guaranteed heating performance even when outdoor temperatures reduce to (minus) -15℃*.
*Fixed Speed models: Guaranteed to -10℃.
Inverter Control - Allowing the Maximum Rated Heat Output for as long as required!:

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Control (unlike other brands) will allow maximum rated heat output for as long as required before returning to nominal rated output. This guarantees comfort conditions in the shortest period of time. This feature is most important when the outdoor temperature reduces to below zero.
"Econo Cool" Energy-saving Feature*:

This intelligent temperature control feature - which adjusts airflow interval to the body depending on air outlet temperature - allows set temperatures to be raised by 2 degrees without any loss in comfort for a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

* Available only during manual cooling operation.
What type of unit is best suited for your environment:

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners are manufactured with various indoor unit options. High Wall Type, Ceiling Cassette Type, Floor Mounted Type, Concealed Ducted Type, and Under Ceiling Type.

Each type of indoor unit has features and advantages depending on your own particular application.
High Wall-mounted: The most popular residential unit choice. This unit offers extremely quiet operation (20dB(A): MSZ-FB25VA) the quietest in the industry as well as taking up no floor space. 
Compact Floor Console: The floor mounted are more designed for heating applications. They are ideal for space heater or gas fire/fireplace replacement. They can be recess mounted into the wall cavity giving a shallow profile for hallway installation. 
Ceiling Cassette: The ceiling mounted units take up no floor space. These units have four way air direction and have adjustable air flow patterns. These units are more suited to larger floor areas. 
Ceiling Concealed (Ducted): These units are mounted in the ceiling space and are unseen in the conditioned space. The only visible presence is the supply and return air grilles. 
Ceiling Suspended: These units are more suited to high stud large room areas. The tend to have high airflows and are more suited to commercial applications. 
Multi-Split Systems: Our Inverter Multi-Split system models are designed to allow several indoor units (regardless of capacity or type) to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to select the model best suited to each and every room in your home.

What type of unit is best suited for your environment?

What are you looking for a perfect Air Conditioning/ Heat Pump?