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Stylish, slim and elegant, these popular Fujitsu Wall Mounted units are designed for single...

文字方塊: Wall Mounted

These state-of-the art models are mounted high on the wall, just below the ceiling, and...

文字方塊: Multi Type System

These elegant Fujitsu units are designed to sit very high on the wall, just 40mm below the...

文字方塊: Nocria Ceiling Wall
文字方塊: 文字方塊: Ceiling/Floor Console

Extremely discreet, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. Latest fan technology distributes...

文字方塊: Cassette

Ducted air conditioning is surely the ultimate in comfort. The Fujitsu ducted models offer quiet,..


Slim and lightweight, these models have been designed for floor or ceiling installation. Ideal...