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Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning

文字方塊: Maintenance of air conditioning plant is important from a health and safety perspective and to ensure the trouble-free operation and longevity of the plant.


Computer Room and process air conditioning to meet your requirements.

文字方塊: Option 2: Cooling Only Air Conditioning

We offer the best brands of air conditioning heat pumps, including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many more.

文字方塊: Option1: Heat Pump  sales and installation

Use our design build service to eliminate engineering costs.

文字方塊: Option 3: Free Consultation and quotations

We provide a huge range of services and repair of all brands of air conditioning units and heat pumps.

文字方塊: Option 4: Service and repair
文字方塊: We can install your air conditioning  heat pump at reasonable prices, professionally and in a tradesman-like manner, using Qualified refrigeration engineers and registered electricians.
文字方塊: Option5: Installation Only
文字方塊: Installation & maintenance of commercial Fresh Air systems, toilet ventilation systems, extract fans and other ventilation requirements.
文字方塊: Option6: Ventilation
文字方塊: Industrial, Commercial and Residential wiring and repair.
文字方塊: Option 7: Electrical Work

Routine preventative maintenance of all air conditioning and ventilation systems to prolong the life of the plant.

文字方塊: Option 8: Maintenances